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A Balanced Wardrobe – To Keep, Or Not To Keep?

The beginning step to revamping your wardrobe is cleaning out your closet.  So what should you get rid of?  Usually, we have too many items we don’t need, but don’t worry, we are all guilty of holding on to unnecessary clothing and accessories. Sometimes we keep things because of sentimental value or just out of habit.  Now, however, it’s time to take the first step towards fixing this issue.

Before we continue on, pump yourself up!  Eat something and put on your favorite favorite playlist because this is most likely going to take some time. Let’s go!

Take everything out of your closet and drawers and take it to an area where you have room to organize it.  We are going to go through each item one at a time and determine if we should keep it or not.

Here are key questions to ask yourself (Be a harsh critic):

  1. Does this item does fit?
  2. Is it damaged in any way? (Stained, ripped, faded, pilled, etc..)
  3. Have I worn this within the last year?
  4. Will I wear this again? Would I wear this out? (That super sick space cat shirt you wear at home probably isn’t that awesome to your date!)
  5. Does the style fit the image I want to project?
  6. How much of this item do I have?  Do I have too many? (You really don’t need 30 pairs of underwear or 7 copies of the same t-shirt)

Determine if each item fits your criteria.  Separate into two piles:  Clothing to keep, and clothing to get rid of.

The clothing we keep can go right back into your closet and drawers.  In the next balanced wardrobe post we will go more in depth into better clothing organization.

Now, the clothing we are getting rid of should be separated into four piles.

  1.  Sell (Most likely you spent your own hard earned money on your clothes.  It makes sense that anything in good condition you might as well try to sell back.)
  2.  Donate (If it isn’t worth your time to sell back your clothes, there are always people in need that could use it.  Plus, the minor tax write-off never hurts.)
  3. Recycle (If your clothes don’t qualify for options 1 and 2, it can still probably be repurposed.  Some clothing retailers accept clothes for recycling and will often even give you a store discount in return.  I see nothing but a win-win there. Either that or you can make some new cleaning rags!)
  4. Trash  (If the other three options failed, into the trash it goes unfortunately.  Nobody wanted your smelly old underwear anyways. Ew.)

Great job! You did it!

Hopefully, you were able to cut down the size of your wardrobe.  You will find that you now have a better idea of what your wardrobe contains.  The next step will be to organize your clothes so that you can create a plan on what items to add to your collection.  You are now on your way to improving your wardrobe and style.  

As a reward, allow yourself to keep 1-2 items that are exceptions to the rules. I am not a complete monster!  I know the shirt with the machine gun wielding cat, riding a laser dino is your favorite shirt to sleep in!

Until next time!  

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