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The Reasons You Should Start Dressing to Impress

It’s hard for some of us to care about the way we dress. Some of you may work from home and only leave to go grocery shopping or to take the dog out during the day. Some of you may be students going to campus each day. No matter what though, I strongly stand by my belief that everyone should dress to impress when going out, and here’s why:

You Never Know Who You Are Going To Run Into!

Seriously. I’ve met some pretty successful people who have given me their cards or have tried to contacted me after meeting. In 90% of these encounters, I was wearing a button-up (nothing too fancy), a nice pair of jeans, a nice looking pair of shoes (again, nothing fancy), and a classic white-faced watch with silver hands and a black, leather band. However, just the fact that I looked like I had my life together (somewhat true), helped me receive contacts I can use later in life. You don’t have to be wearing a suit all of the time. It just takes an extra couple of minutes to put on a nice shirt and watch to make a huge difference in your appearance.

You Will Give Yourself An Awesome Confidence Boost!

Guaranteed. You will feel like the best version of yourself and therefore act like the best version of yourself. Studies show that dressing to impress increase confidence and make you act like more of a leader rather than a follower. You will feel drawn to making important decisions and you will love the way it feels to do so. With the extra confidence, your productivity and work will improve, therefore adding to your confidence!

People Will Take You Seriously!

This cannot be more true. Men, ladies will look at you differently, and women, men will look at you differently, too. That’s just one of the benefits of dressing with intent. People will also treat you with more respect considering the fact that you look like someone with an important purpose in life. So next time you dress up, take a notice in how people treat you from how you are normally treated. This will surely keep you dressing with a sense of purpose.

It Can Only Help Your Career!

I mean think about it… this one is almost common sense. Showing up in a nice looking suit (if that’s what your job requires or not), can only help you. You will become noticed not only because you look nice, but because you took the time and effort to look nice. This does not go unnoticed! Your boss will see you as someone who goes the extra mile to impress and will automatically take this information and translate it to knowing you are someone who will go the extra mile for your job.

So next time you go out, make sure to take those couple of extra minutes to put on a nice button-up and a watch. Make sure your shoes look clean and that your pants aren’t too beat up. People will notice and you will be happy that they do.


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